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Keeping Our Studio Safe

Keeping Our Studio Safe

In light of COVID-19, we are continuing to do everything we can to mitigate risk and prevent exposure among our dancers, faculty, and staff. We are practicing social distancing, wearing face coverings, and disinfecting barres, floors, mats, and any other surfaces the dancers might touch between class. This will be done with our sanitization machine. Washroom will be cleaned with increased frequency during and after opening hours. We have a 15-minute gap between all classes to ensure this cleaning is done effectively.

Class sizes will be limited as we will follow all government restrictions. We have created 6-foot boxes in our classroom to ensure proper social distancing! Upon registration, we will assign a door to use for entering and exiting – as we have staggered our start times to limit contact between our students in different classes. This will also limit the number of students and parents entering and exiting the building at any one given time.

Everyone entering and exiting SBJ Dance Studio will be required to use hand sanitizer (it will be provided).

All students will come dressed and ready for class. Students will require a dance bag for their dance shoes, water bottle, and to put their outside clothing in.

No parents or family members (including siblings) will be allowed into the studio. However there is a waiting room with limited space, if your children are of a young age.

All students must wear a mask as they enter the studio, and in common areas. They will be allowed to remove their mask when dancing.

If a child or anyone in the household is unwell, the child is not permitted to attend class. Make-up classes will be available once the student is feeling their best!

​We will continue to implement safety protocols and make changes as required by the government (as they are announced). Thank you for your cooperation!